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Our Physics Course

Our program is specially tailored to follow the new NESA Physics syllabus introduced in 2018. All course material that we produce are overlooked by a qualified high school science head teacher to ensure all the requirements of the syllabus are met. Our program commences at least a term ahead of school so that our students can take the time to learn, practice and master concepts under the guidance of our experienced team, giving them a competitive advantage over their peers in school.


2-hour theory lesson once every week delivered by an experienced tutor with class notes that addresses concepts to a standard BEYOND that of the syllabus itself


Professionally written homework that contain exam-style questions along with marking criteria and fully worked solutions


Regular quizzes, assignments and examinations to assess knowledge and develop deep critical thinking


Access to our online Discord community and additional 7-day messaging support outside the classroom at no extra cost


A series of FREE exam and revision lessons to sufficiently prepare students right before their HSC exam


All the Physics resources have been prepared by experienced staff members including professional engineers who have studied physics at a tertiary level